Friday, April 18, 2008

No, I haven't been lazy or consumed with Idolatry. Over the last ten days I've been enduring an ear infection probably brought upon by springtime sinus magic. I haven't had any problems of this kind since living in Indiana in '94, so fuck you very much NYC. People sounded like they were talking into a fan and music was full of wrong notes and feedback. Pianos sounded like someone punching a music box. Extreme tinnitus would come and go. I was still able to josh about pop news on Idolator, but I couldn't enjoy music or movies. I've never experienced anything like this, and it was truly nightmarish. I'd rather be deaf than permanently aggravated by sound itself. Since I only have one working ear as is, I was too paranoid to post that it was merely an infection until I knew that it was on the wane. While I've still got some pressure in my ear, the distortion is definitely fading. I am so glad that the last song I listened to before noticing the symptoms, Fred Schneider's "Bulldozer," is not the last song I'll ever hear clearly. Not that it isn't awesome.

Regular programming next week, knock on wood.

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