Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New DVD O' The Week is obviously Superbad. It's funny, so see it if you haven't. The one humorless argument sequence should have been cut and, as much as I enjoyed Emma Stone, they should have cast someone who plausibly could have been attracted to an obese, angry high school senior with a jewfro, but those are my only real criticisms. At least sexiest manchild alive Michael Cera is included to make up for any qualms over the gender disparity. For the many women I know who would love to molest the former George Michael, here's a clip of him in the 2001 TV movie My Louisiana Sky - prepubescent, bare chested and rocking a southern accent.

That lucky Tiger. Adulthood will probably be as rewarding for him as it was for Bud Cort and Anthony Michael Hall, so enjoy his gawky, innocent glory while you can.


Alfred Soto said...

Don't forget the many men who would love to....sneak him into a bar.

He's in Juno, apparently. I'd no idea!

The Manthony said...

Yes, yes, everyone wants to fondle Michael Cera.

I'm kind of afraid to see Juno. The dialogue quoted on imdb looks REALLY arch, and allegedly Ellen Page and Cera sing Moldy Peaches songs to each other.

The Manthony said...

this is Anthony btw, I just finally got around to removing my full name from my blogger profile.