Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If you've never heard Vanessa Carlton's "White Houses" before, pick it up at Abby's. Get past the production if you must, cuz that's some amazing songwriting. Mainstream Kimya, which is one hell of a compliment coming from me*. More people need to acknowledge how great this song is (at last tally just me, my best friend, and Miss McDonald here give two craps about it) so that I don't feel so awkward in my fanship. See the video too - yet another Sophie Muller classic. I should have checked the rest of Harmonium out by now.

And check out "Me & Mia!" I didn't even know it was about eating disorders until Jess (viva coincidence!) clued me in on the lingo. I love when a track you already enjoy has some extra element waiting on time-release. Poptext is a valuable resource.

*Carlton sang on Hidden Vagenda so I can totally pretend there's some direct influence.

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