Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I give up. Kinda.

I still plan to write longish blog posts about various pertinent and impertinent subjects here (I do! Really!), but I've decided random youtube inanity and such looks a little too random and inane here. Instead, I'll post such things on a Tumblr, where it looks prettier. But - SERIOUSLY - I could write some mamajama of a post here tomorrow. I AM NOT KIDDING. Now that I have a separate outlet for internet media jive, maybe this blog will reblossom (or just blossom, your call) into an outlet for the kind of heady, ruminative prose that seems so refreshing in this era of twitters, SEOs and Lady GaGas. Stranger things have happened! Something to do now that Idol's almost over.

If you are looking for unheralded quality longform bloggery, check out Mind Your Own Goddamn Business, by my childhood friend Trey. It's funnier than all that big city shit (including mine), and it's straight outta Greeley, CO. I haven't seen this guy since the summer of 1991, and he's apparently aged like fine wine.

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