Friday, January 23, 2009

You can never have too much sugar.

A young man must decide whether to idolize his rakish uncle determined to succeed or his moral grandfather determined to suffer. When Gramps questions the honor of selling his otherwise worthless land to an oil company, you can't blame the country for choosing Hud.

The Perfect Storm
A group of likable actors go on a suicidal fishing mission - Armageddon on the ocean. Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio, Karen Allen and Diane Lane do a lot of yelling. Not sure why Mark Wahlberg let Lane use that Boston accent in front of him.

The Abyss
James Cameron is the missing link between Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, and he should be proud that he's not George Lucas. Sure knows how to make a three hour movie feel like two.

Definitely, Maybe
Van Wilder Ryan Reynolds is not the white Will Smith. Sweetiepie Abigail Breslin is not precocious. Isla Fisher is not Nicole Kidman, but sure sounds like her when half-heartedly attempting an American accent. Why was this a wide-release film advertised in theaters before Enchanted when it's identical to the countless blah dramedies that go straight to DVD each year? Maybe someone thinks Ryan Reynolds is the white Will Smith.

The movie coasted to $100 million off of John Travolta's charm, a quality praised even in negative reviews of the movie. Failing to notice it myself, I was instead entertained by the sound of William...Hurt? and AAAndie McDAOowul falling in love over Randy Newman's twerpy, arbitrary motifs - my favorite being the fretless bass and synth-reggae that accompanies the sight of Travolta in boxers.

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