Friday, September 21, 2007

I have been waiting SO long for this movie. I can't believe it's finally coming out. How could the director of Donnie Darko actually get me excited for a movie? Well, he could blow all the Hollywood cred he got from that overrated sleeper hit by making a two-hour-plus apocalyptic epic starring The Rock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore, and handful of SNL actresses, Seann William Scott (as TWINS), a BOTTLE BLOND Jon Lovitz, a BADLY WIGGED Wallace Shawn and a BADLY SCARRED Justin Timberlake. He could spend more than a year between its disastrous Cannes debut and its eventual release adding MORE visual effects while apparently KEEPING the musical interludes. Judging from a quick shot in the trailer, it appears that cars will STILL be having sex in the movie. Granted, part of why Donnie Darko disappointed me was how excited I got after the trailer, but I'm expecting something overbaked and superficial now.

NOVEMBER 9! So far away...and yet, so close.

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Ian said...

That trailer is AWESOME. That movie is going to be one hell of a mess.

Nice use of Elbow, too.