Sunday, June 24, 2007

Movies I watched last week, from favorite to least.

The missing link between John Hughes and Kevin Smith, for whatever that's worth to you.

Serious lead isn't really Marky's forte - he needs an ensemble cast to bully and bounce off of - but even if he can't singlehandledly make an overlong slo-mo action flick with confused attempts at political commentary satisfy, he survives it.

I'm guessing Herman Meville told it better, but Crispin Glover.

Walter Hill on the way up, Ryan O'Neal on the way down. Bruce Dern as the median.

Why do so many counterculture comedies just feel like logy Mel Brooks?

Self-important melodrama full of good actors who'd rather be anywhere else and Robert Redford. There's a decadent house party where the herky-jerk dancing devolves into a mock shoot-out between the cartoonish, boozing over-thirties, though. Dug that.

"Fuck the traps, I watched Saw for the doll!"

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