Friday, May 18, 2007

Someday soon, I hope to have a consistent internet signal again. When that happens, I hope to be updating this page a lot. But for now, here's a Top Ten Of What I've Heard From 2007 So Far.

1. LCD Soundsystem, Sounds Of Silver
2. Modest Mouse, We Were Already Dead When The Ship Sank
3. !!!, Myth Takes
4. Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
5. Marnie Stern, In Advance Of The Broken Arm
6. Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero
7. Clinic, Visitations
8. Fratellis, Costello Music
9. Low, Drums And Guns
10. The Stooges, The Weirdness

Put the Brakes' Beatific Visions at #6 if we're including belated US releases of 2006 albums. But we may not be, if we're following the rules.

Back when my internet service is back.


Ian said...

Have you heard the National yet? Or just not a big fan?

Anthony Miccio said...

only heard one track from the new one, must have deleted it cuz I don't have it on my ipod now. Saw the first song or two of their set back for the last album, when the singer finally lept up on a monitor, it vaguely reminded me of Tim Booth for some reason.