Thursday, August 17, 2006

10. Limp Bizkit feat. Eminem - "Turn Me Loose" (unreleased '90s track)

9. Fred Durst, Wes Scantlin and Jimmy Page - "Thank You" (live)

8. Limp Bizkit - "You Know You're Right" (live)

7. Fred Durst, Wes Borland and Johnny Rzeznik - "Wish You Were Here" (live)

6. Limp Bizkit - "1999" (live)

5. Christina Aguilera feat. Fred Durst - "Come On Over/Livin' It Up" (live)

4. Paris Hilton feat. Fred Durst - "It's A Tit Nipply Out" (live)

3. Fred Durst - "Demo Tape"

2. Fred Durst - "Eruption" (live)

1. Fred Durst - "I Melt With You"


Stevie Nixed said...

i just finished the karinen steffens' video vixen bio. man, she didn't have much good to say about fred. then again, it's kind of a compliment if she doesn't say anything nice about a guy.

Anthony Miccio said...

I can't imagine why any woman would have anything good to say about Fred.