Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another reason Fall Out Boy is depressing: the way they treat their lead singer! The guy writes the melodic hooks, the only aspect of their songs that I can remember, but the videos highlight Pete Wentz, the Bernie Taupin of the high school emo set. Pete knocks over amps, revels in close-ups, kicks vampire ass and gets the girl, while the singer (whose name I can't even remember!) wears bulky clothes, hides behind his hat and winds up fanged before getting a single shot off. The drummer even gets more screen love in the vampire video, as evidently he's quite the swordsman. They almost never show the guitarist, but I bet that's only so the vocalist doesn't have the indignity of being the least present member of the band on Fuse. He doesn't even go for enigmatic like fellow Martin-Prince-at-26 Paul Banks. Christ, at least Ann Wilson got commanding head shots!

Some photographic evidence:

He gets to be up front if he wears the vest...

though notice how the drummer compensates.

There are other ways to conceal...

This one's pretty imaginative.

How can you not hate Pete Wentz? Dude writes crappy lyrics, carries photos of his dick on his cellphone and is so desperate to milk his stud status that he makes his singer dress like he's been stationed in Alaska. Make your voice heard and boycott his livejournal! When Wentz tries to add you as a friend on myspace, say no! We want more close-ups of the other guy! Adam Duritz never got this treatment.

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