Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Top Five Couplets From Billboard Top 20 Modern Rock Singles That I Haven't Heard Yet
(what with the lack of internet and moving and everything)

Green Day, "Wake Me When September Ends"
Government greed and corporate need
doves that cry and hearts that bleed
praying it gets better someday
there's just got to be a way

311, "Don't Tread On Me"
Rockin' wit' the flavor for eleven years
got memories full of laughter and tears
critics politickin' but that shit ain't stickin'
still got the ill skills that pay the bills and we're kickin'

Switchfoot, "Stars"
It's the first time that I've held your hand
and it feels like you might understand
your smile and the way that you sigh
this love is the stars in the sky

System Of A Down, "Question!"
Psychotic sentient symbol of sin
frustrated fearful but not giving in
They scream at the gates and you're turning you're burning you're churning you're worried you're going to pay you're going to pay you're going to pay and PAY
la la la la la

Audioslave, "Doesn't Remind Me"
The mirror lies to me
it's not reality
the bleeding within
I can't see the bleeding within

p.s. people in Miami get to read my blurbs now. Jealous? Of them, I mean.

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