Wednesday, February 25, 2004

#62) Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance (released in 1978, I got it for Christmas as part of the Datapanik In The Year Zero box set in 199...6?)

These guys get called the epitome of post-punk, but just as Pulp is really more the last New Romantic band than Brit-pop, these guys are really the last of the art-rockers. Their earlier singles (esp. "Final Solution") are even better but I don't own the comp Terminal Tower in its entirety, so I didn't include that. I think they sound like Eno-era Roxy Music but less turgid. They're gooier in every detail - especially David Thomas's seal-like gurgles. Some of the most approachable "avant-rock" I've ever heard. Just don't ask me what any of it means.

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