Saturday, January 31, 2004

#86) New York Dolls - Rock'n'Roll (released in 1994, purchased in 1997 on cassette at the Wiz in Brooklyn while hanging out with my cousin)

Three reasons I don't feel like saying much about these guys: 1) so much has already been said, particularly by arguable personal fave critic Robert Christgau, whose best stuff about them is in his Grown Up All Wrong anthology, but this piece is solid too. 2) While I enjoy the Dolls plenty, I don't LOVE them enough to think what I have to say is particularly unique about them. They're as good as timeless trash gets without transcending its trashiness. 3) I have a really awful headache.

Anyhow, I picked the comp Rock'N'Roll as my fave Dollswork because it features almost everything from their two full-lengths along with three extremely enjoyable outtakes ("Courageous Cat Theme" highlights the guitars, "Lone Star Queen" highlights lead bow-ay David Johansen and "Don't You Mess With Cupid" highlights everybody). The song sequence is a gas - side one of the tape feels way more dramatic than the debut, and if the feels-long-though-not-nearly-the-longest track "Stranded In The Jungle" wasn't here this comp might be a couple notches higher on my list.

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